Finding the Best Investments

Each year, donor volunteers oversee the distribution of United Way dollars through an annual process called Community Investment.

Approximately 200 volunteers not only donate monetarily, but also donate their time to review funding requests from local programs hoping to receive United Way support. They carefully assess program proposals and outcome measurement data, meet with agency directors and visit agency facilities to get a firsthand look at the programs, the staff and the people they serve. Partner Agencies’ financial documentation including internal financial controls, fiscal health and audit of compliance are also reviewed and analyzed by volunteers who are state licensed Certified Public Accountants or other financial professionals.

The volunteer funding recommendations are reviewed by the Community Investment Committee that submits a final funding proposal to the United Way of Central Oklahoma’s Board of Directors, who are also donor volunteers. The Board approves the proposal and distribution of funds for Partner Agencies’ specific programs.

Your Dollars at Work

Step 1:

United Way of Central Oklahoma raises funds.

Step 2:

Community Investment Volunteers review agency budgets, audits and other financial reports, program outcomes and performance histories.

Step 3:

Community Investment Volunteers visit Partner Agencies to see firsthand the work being accomplished with United Way funds.

Step 4:

Community Investment Volunteers meet to discuss funding recommendations for each United Way program.

Step 5:

The Community Investment Committee review and balance funding recommendations from the donor volunteers against the contributed funds available for allocation.

Step 6:

The Community Investment Committee submits a final recommendation to the United Way of Central Oklahoma’s Board of Directors for approval.

Step 7:

The funds are distributed among Partner Agencies.

Step 8:

Community Investment Volunteers conduct follow-up evaluations through final reports.

Become a Community Investment Volunteer

Help determine how funds are distributed to Partner Agencies.

If you contribute to United Way and are interested in participating in Community Investment, please fill out the application form or contact us using the information below.

2024 Community Investment Volunteer Expectations

2024 Community Investment Calendar

2024 Community Investment Volunteer Application

Acceptance notifications will be sent after receiving completed application. A maximum number of volunteers can be accepted and we try to balance the number of volunteers from any given company, so the earlier we receive an application, the greater the chance of it being accepted.




Mandy Powers

Director of Community Impact