Your gift impacts our community today and for generations to come.

Our team is thrilled to be celebrating 100 years of United Way of Central Oklahoma serving our community! This centennial year marks the positive impact of United Way since 1923. “A Century of Compassion” from the community has helped bring United Way to where we are today! We celebrate this milestone anniversary with gratitude in our hearts for all of our supporters and partners who have helped us over the past 100 years to fulfill our mission of connecting people and resources for the well-being of our community.
Our community’s most pressing needs impact all of us today and will shape our community for the next 100 years. Your gift to United Way of Central Oklahoma helps fund 140 programs administered by 68 Partner Agencies that provide critical health and human services across central Oklahoma! Our Partner Agencies address issues in our community such as homelessness, mental illness, substance abuse, poverty, the incarceration of women, and other challenges faced by central Oklahomans every day.
In our centennial year, we invite you to join us in making our community stronger, healthier, and more compassionate by donating a special gift this year to the United Way of Central Oklahoma’s Centennial Campaign. You will be amazed at what your support will do!

We ensure our donors receive the maximum impact for their charitable investment, while maintaining the highest level of accountability. Each year, donor volunteers oversee the distribution of United Way dollars through an annual process called Community Investment. Approximately 200 donor volunteers not only donate monetarily but also donate their time to review funding requests from local programs hoping to receive United Way support. They carefully assess program proposals, financials, performance history, and outcome measurement data in order to recommend funding to our Board of Directors.

During UWCO’S centennial year, we invite you to share compassion and give today!

A century of lifting our neighbors up when they needed it the most. A century of compassion.

Your gift helps support 140 local health & human services programs and 68 Partner Agencies that serve central Oklahomans. Please contribute to our 2023 Centennial Campaign and join us in sharing compassion toward our neighbors for the well-being of our community.

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In the 1900s, America began seeing the rise of Community Chests, umbrella organizations that allowed people to give to charitable efforts through a singular campaign. Oklahoma City jumped on board, adopting its Community Chest in 1923 with 12 Partner Agencies — five of those initial agencies have remained with us today: Boy Scouts of America – The Last Frontier, The Salvation Army – Central Oklahoma Area Command, Sunbeam Family Services, YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City, and YWCA Oklahoma City.

From disasters to a pandemic, UWCO has remained a strong pillar in the community, and we are able to do so on a foundation of loyal supporters.

In the wake of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing, UWCO and its Partner Agencies committed more than $1.8 million to disaster relief. The Oklahoma Standard continued to shine when the May 2013 tornadoes hit. UWCO raised $20.2 million in relief efforts alone. Combined with the UWCO Annual Campaign, the total raised for 2013 was a record-breaking $42.2 million.

Throughout the span of 100 years, UWCO has raised more than $700 million for our community. No matter what the circumstance, UWCO will continue to rise to the challenge for generations to come.

Your gift helps support over 140 local health & human services programs and 68 Partner Agencies that serve central Oklahomans

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Making a Difference in Central Oklahoma

The United Way of Central Oklahoma Agency Partners service an area that broadly covers 19 counties and 135 cities in central and western Oklahoma. This area includes 200 zip codes.
United Way Agencies operate 140 strategic and impactful programs making real, measurable differences in the lives of Oklahomans.
The United Way’s campaign raises money to support five focus areas—strong families, successful kids, healthy citizens, independent living and community preparedness