The Miracle of Angel

The idea of caring for another human being was pulling on Pam’s heartstrings. That’s when Youth & Family Services called.

Knowing Pam is a retired nurse, YFS connected her with Angel, a baby who developed RSV, a respiratory virus. Pam met Angel in the ICU, where she would hold her while singing “Jesus loves you.”

There was no doubt that Angel was a miracle baby. Angel continues to grow stronger every day.

Watching Angel grow up, Pam felt she needed younger parents. Everything fell into place when she met another fellow nurse at a YFS conference.

With the help of YFS, Pam and Angel became a family with Brian and Melissa, who adore Angel.

“Everything she is is what was missing from our home,” Melissa said.

Learn more about Angel’s journey in our 2022 Campaign video and give hope to children in Canadian County today.