Providing Stability Amid Pandemic

Before the COVID-19 Pandemic, 20-year-old Carter was well on his way to self-sufficiency. A resident of Pivot’s tiny home transitional living community, Carter had finally found a place to call home after aging out of foster care. With stable employment in the restaurant industry, he was earning enough to pay his own bills and learning valuable independent living skills through the United Way partner agency’s youth program.

When COVID-19 forced his employer to drastically reduce his hours, Carter found himself once again struggling to meet his basic needs. Unsure how he was going to afford his next meal, much less his phone bill, he reached out once again for help. Thanks to an emergency grant from the United Way of Central Oklahoma’s COVID-19 Response Fund, Pivot was able to help Carter with his bills and basic necessities like food and household items. In addition, United Way provided funding for youth like Carter to stay connected to mental health counselors and caseworkers.

“Through the pandemic, the United Way has stepped up to provide additional support for the youth we serve,” Jennifer Goodrich, president and CEO of Pivot said.

Thousands of Oklahomans like Carter have lost their jobs, leaving many families stretched to their breaking point. With the support of our COVID-19 Response Fund, United Way partner agencies are answering the call for help, stepping up to provide services where they are most needed.

Thanks to many generous donors, the United Way has provided nearly $1.2 million in COVID-19 response funding to partner agencies throughout central Oklahoma, Canadian and Logan counties. But your assistance is still needed. Learn more or make a donation to the United Way of Central Oklahoma COVID-19 Response Fund.