Investing in Human Capital

Human capital brings together the attributes, knowledge and capacity to learn skills that are fundamental to individuals and the economy as a whole. As the economy recovers from the seismic changes observed in the pandemic, employers will rely more on human capital to drive creativity and efficiency in all aspects of their business.

To be effective, investment in human capital must begin long before a worker undergoes skill training. From childhood to adulthood, members of our future workforces deserve any and every opportunity to grow and develop their skills.

But what happens when an individual doesn’t have these development opportunities due to barriers such as poverty, illness or disability? What if they never had the resources or capacity to pursue higher education?

That’s where United Way Partner Agencies come in, to meet any individual exactly where they are in their development and provide resources for growth.

A vision to secure work opportunities can be achieved through better understanding of skills gaps, types of human capital and human services partnerships placing a priority not on deficits, but potential for growth.

In this edition of Vital Signs: Investing in Human Capital, learn how United Way of Central Oklahoma leverages the experience and resources of all available partners to reach higher levels of human capital for our community to thrive.