Finding a Way Home

(Story and photos provided by Curbside Chronicle)

Finding your way home in the midst of a pandemic is no small accomplishment. COVID-19 stalled the housing process for many Curbside Chronicle vendors working to end their homelessness. A program of United Way Partner Agency The Homeless Alliance, Curbside Chronicle provides employment opportunities and a path to housing for many individuals like Boris and his family. However, in March, they were devastated to learn that their housing inspection was canceled due to COVID-19.

They couldn’t have been closer to ending months and months of struggling with the motel cycle and homelessness. With all of the local shelters full, Boris and his wife Cheyenne desperately wanted to keep two-year-old Messiah out of street homelessness. But with street sales of the Curbside Chronicle suspended due to the pandemic, the family had lost their primary source of income. Thanks to support from the United Way of Central Oklahoma COVID-19 Response Fund, Curbside Chronicle was able to provide them with a motel room while they awaited housing and assist with move-in fees once their inspection freeze was lifted. Recently, the family celebrated their first month back in housing.

“It’s like taking Mount Rushmore off my shoulders,” Boris said. “Everything’s coming together.”

Thanks to many generous donors, United Way Partner Agencies continue to provide thousands of Oklahoma families with housing, food, mental health services and other critical needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your assistance is still needed. Learn more or make a donation to the United Way of Central Oklahoma COVID-19 Response Fund