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Nutrition - WIC Oklahoma

WIC: Women Infant and Children

Fiscal Year Total Participation Food Costs Average Monthly Benefit per Person NSA* Costs
FY 2017 105,846 $43,976,073 $34.62 $35,887,272
FY 2016 110,725 $47,791,396 $35.97 $36,608,964
FY 2015 112,892 $52,385,848 $38.67 $36,789,100
FY 2014 114,490 $54,977,885 $40.02 $34,372,246
FY 2013 118,552 $57,327,600 $40.30 $33,909,381

NSA - Nutrition Service and Administrative costs. Approximately two-thirds of total costs are used to provide nutrition education, breastfeeding promotion and support, and linkages to health and other client services (e.g., immunization; drug, alcohol and tobacco education; referrals to family and child health social programs). The remining third is used for traditional management functions.

The annual average food cost is the benefit per month.

Source: United States Department of Agriculture. Annual State Level Data.