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Data Center

United Way of Central Oklahoma works diligently to assess community needs and use data to ascertain existing and emerging needs. The Data Center was created to meet those needs and serve our community. In the Data Center you will find a compilation of data from multiple resources. All data presented is grouped according to our five focus areas; community preparedness, healthy citizens, independent living, successful kids, and strong families. Additionally, there is a demographic section, which provides an overview of the Central Oklahoma population. All data is further broken down by indicator and each table represents a data point under that particular indicator. 

The data is meant to be used by individuals in various capacities, such as United Way Partner Agencies, grant writers, policy makers, media agencies, community organizations, nonprofits, and community members who need links to data and information regarding our community. 
For questions or suggestions regarding the data center please contact:
Dr. Amanda Templeton
Director of Research, Convening, and Advocacy
atempleton [at] unitedwayokc [dot] org


Population |  Sex | Race | Disability | Age Distribution | Median Housing Value | Languages Spoken | The Employed Population


Community Preparedness

Exposure | Vulnerability | Emergency Response



Healthy Citizens

Nutrition | Mental Health | Transportation | Education | General Health


Independent Living

Homelessness/ Low-Income Housing | Older Adult/ Disabled Housing | Transportation Access | Supportive Services | Abuse | Economic Well-being | Health Management 


Strong Families

Economic Well-Being | Domestic Violence | Household Breakdown 


Successful Kids

Education | Health | Safety & Risky Behaviors


Helpful Resources