2014 Outstanding Mentor Announced at Oklahoma Mentor Day

One of United Way of Central Oklahoma Volunteer Center’s mentors and tutors, Joanie Raff, was recognized at the Oklahoma Mentor Day at the Capital on Thursday, January 15. She was presented with a 2014 Outstanding Mentor certificate by the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence and the David and Molly Boren Mentoring Initiative.

Joanie has served as a mentor for three years to third grade students and this past year to first grade students at Kaiser Elementary in Oklahoma City. She takes an active role in shaping the future of these students.

“Joanie Raff is a tutor that shows up when she says she will, and makes sure the students are getting what they need,” said Jamie Hamrick, first grade teacher at Kaiser Elementary School. “She makes sure that she has all the information on the child she is tutoring so she can best support the students’ reading needs.”

We congratulate Joanie Raff on her outstanding mentorship and thank her for her valuable contributions to Kaiser Elementary School.

From left, Wanda Pratt (Kevin Durant’s mother) and President of the Oklahoma Foundation of Excellence, Linda Neal presents a certificate award to Joanie Raff for her contribution to mentoring students at Kaiser Elementary