Transportation - Traffic Volume Roadway Congestion by Urbanized Area 2009

Freeway daily vehicle miles of travel Annual person hours of dealy Annual Congestion Costs 1
Total miles (1,000) Per lane mile of freeway Total hours (1,000) Per person 2 Per person (dollars) Delay and fuel cost (millions) Fuled wasted (gallons per person)
Total average 14,779 15,391 41,808 25 591 994 20
Oklahoma City 9,472 12,301 16,335 17 396 376 14
1 Value of extra time (delay) and the extra fuel consumed by vehicles traveling at slower speeds. Fuel cost per gallon is the average price for each state.
2 The hours of extra travel time divided by the number of urban area peak period travelers. This is an annual measure indicating the sum of all extra travel time that would occur during the year for the average traveler.