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Medicaid Expenditures, United States and Oklahoma FY 2015


ICF/IID - Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

LTSS - Long Term Services and Supports

HCBS Home and Community-Based Services

1915(C) Waiver - Lets states provide Medicaid to people who would otherwise be eligible only in an institutional setting.


United States

(In Thousands)


(In Thousands)

Total Institutional $71,465,539 $769,442
Nursing Facilities $54,832,318 $577,093
ICF/IID $10,764,687 $97,513
Other Institutional LTSS $5,868,534 $94,836
Total HCBS $86,735,496 $631,444
1915(C) Waivers $44,634,344 $516,448
Personal Care $13,280,401 $1,980
Other HCBS $28,820,751 $103,017
Total $158,201,035 $1,400,886

Source: Medicaid Reports and Evaluations. Long Term Services and Supports Annual Expenditures, LTSS Expenditure Report 2015