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Independent Living, Older Adult / Disabled Housing

Number of Oklahomans Served through the Advantage Waiver and Personal Care Programs

September 11, 2020The Advantage Waiver program provides Medicaid services to help seniors who are frail and adults with physical disabilities stay at home instead of going to a nursing facility.


Homelessness / Low-Income Housing, Independent Living

Point in Time National Estimates of Homeless Individuals: 2015-2019

March 5, 2020 Definition: Homeless individuals are people who are not part of a family with children during their episode of homelessness. They are homeless as single adults, unaccompanied youth, or in multiple-adult or multiple-child households.


Independent Living, Older Adult / Disabled Housing

Households with at least one resident with a disability

July 25, 2016Households with at least one resident with a disability - Oklahoma City, 2013 (In thousands)


Spencer Kusi

Director of Research & Advocacy