Jim Daniel

Loyal Contributor to the United Way of Central Oklahoma

When I graduated from college and started my full time banking career in 1962, I committed to contributing my fair share to the United Way and have done so every year for the past 54 years.

Those initial banks, which I became president of, under my leadership, were very passionate about the effectiveness of the United Way. We appreciated the United Way’s program of analyzing the worthiness of charities they support.  It is refreshing to see the same appreciation for United Way the 20 years I have been a part of the BancFirst family.

The effectiveness of community allocations or donations was maximized by the United Way because of their minimizing the amount of their overhead requirements that were taken out of the donations.  Our banking staffs were so passionate about the United Way, that for years we had 100% employee participation.  Personally, I have increased my contributions over the years significantly above the fairshare gift allocation.  Personal financial accountability is critical to every individual and being selective and responsible for which organizations you support has lasting value for the way we utilize the blessings we have received.

Choose well and make a difference.