Boeing Gives Wings to Community Research, Impact

Research is at the heart of United Way of Central Oklahoma’s purpose of improving the health and welfare of the area’s citizens. A recent grant from The Boeing Company will allow United Way to improve the organization’s impact by expanding the reach of United Way’s research.

Most people are aware that United Way of Central Oklahoma supports a huge group of local nonprofit agencies by raising money and funding projects of these agencies each year. In fact, 61 nonprofits are included under the “umbrella” of United Way of Central Oklahoma. UWCO grants funding to more than 125 programs administered by these agencies, making it the largest supporter of health and human services in the state.

Few, however, realize the amount of research United Way of Central Oklahoma conducts. The organization has an in-house team of professional researchers who spend countless hours delving into various aspects of health and human welfare in the area.

For 20 years, this research has been compiled into volumes of “Vital Signs,” a semi-annual publication that analyzes topics related to United Way’s focus areas: strong families, successful kids, healthy citizens, independent living and community preparedness. Additionally, UWCO regularly publishes impact brochures and special reports.

The grant from Boeing will allow for more community outreach and distribution of this important information by enabling United Way of Central Oklahoma’s research team to translate the publications into some of the most common non-English languages spoken in Oklahoma.

“United Way is one of the best run nonprofits in Oklahoma City,” said Jeb Boatman, site director and chief counsel for The Boeing Company.

On Monday, Boatman presented a check for $51,000 to Debby Hampton, CEO of United Way of Central Oklahoma.

“As a member of the United Way board of directors, I think the research they do is a tremendous help to the community, to the nonprofits in the community and to state and local governments as they’re deciding where to direct their efforts for the year,” Boatman said. “We’re proud to be part of that.”

“This financial support from Boeing is such an enormous benefit to the research we do at United Way,” Hampton said. “Not only does Boeing’s support help increase awareness of the importance of this research, but it frees up campaign dollars that support our agencies in their hands-on efforts in central Oklahoma.”

Upcoming editions of Vital Signs publications will address mental health and substance abuse issues and criminal justice issues in central Oklahoma.

For more information on United Way of Central Oklahoma’ s research and data center, go online to, cal Heather Warlick at (405) 523-3534 or email