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United Way of Central Oklahoma

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United Way of Central Oklahoma is committed to transparency and accountability with your donations. We believe in the efficient and wise stewardship of your contributions to ensure funds are directed to programs provided by qualified Partner Agencies that are proven to positively impact our community.

Local volunteers govern our organization and are involved in all major decision-making from the United Way of Central Oklahoma board of directors to the Community Investment process. These volunteers reflect the community, its needs and the aspirations of its citizens.

Community Investment

We ensure contributions reach those in need through a dedicated team of approximately 200 donor volunteers from the community. This team spends more than 4,000 hours reviewing all programs sponsored by our Partner Agencies. Volunteers assess agency budgets, IRS Form 990s and audits, as well as spend time at each agency to learn how their programs work and how they impact the well-being of our community. Following this extensive review, the volunteer team recommends funding levels to the Community Investment Committee. These recommendations are ultimately voted on by our board of directors. Once approved, United Way of Central Oklahoma distributes the funds to the designated Partner Agencies throughout the following fiscal year. Learn more >

United Way of Central Oklahoma Ratings


Charity Navigator

United Way of Central Oklahoma is a recipient of the four-star rating from Charity Navigator. According to, a four star charity is one that exceeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in its cause. Based on financial performance metrics, accountability and transparency, United Way of Central Oklahoma is one of several nonprofits in Oklahoma with outstanding performance. For more information, click here.


United Way of Central Oklahoma is a recipient of the GuideStar Exchange Gold rating based on our level of participation. Guidestar provides as much information about nonprofits as openly and completely as possible based on each IRS-registered nonprofit organization. We are one of many outstanding nonprofits that is committed to transparency. For more information, click here.

Administrative Costs

Our administrative costs remain fairly consistent from year to year but the amount of pledges and donations we raise each year does vary. It’s that variable of “monies raised” that causes our percentage of administrative expenses to change from year to year. This is why we have chosen to state our percentage of administrative expense as an average percentage instead of an actual percentage. Over a three year period, United Way of Central Oklahoma’s administrative expenses average approximately 12 percent.

Annual Report 

The United Way of Central Oklahoma files the Form 512E with the Oklahoma Tax Commission, as well as form 990 to the IRS. 

2018 Annual Report

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For questions, please contact:

Pam Cox
Chief Financial Officer
405.523.3518 / pcox [at] unitedwayokc [dot] org