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Please consider participating in the United Way of Central Oklahoma 2017 Household Survey. This survey is being conducted by United Way of Central Oklahoma in collaboration with the Center of Applied Research for Nonprofit Organizations.

This survey has been estimated to take 15 minutes. All personal data and responses will remain confidential and anonymous. By completing the survey, you may choose to be entered in a drawing to receive a $100 visa gift card from the Center of Applied Research for Nonprofit Organizations.

The purpose of this study is to identify the most urgent health and human services needs in central Oklahoma, allowing us to better serve our community by convening and rallying community leaders, members and stakeholders around these tough issues as well as ensuring charitable resources are directed to areas where they can be most impactful.

Please encourage other central Oklahoma residents to participate by sharing the link below. And thank you in advance for your valuable input. Together, we can make a difference and Live United!

To complete the survey, click HERE

If you have any questions, please call or email Rachel Baluh at (405) 523-3599, Rachel [dot] baluh [at] ou [dot] edu, or Dr. Amanda Templeton, at (405) 236-8441, atempleton [at] unitedwayokc [dot] org



We would like to thank Boeing for their support in the research efforts of the United Way of Central Oklahoma.



Vital Signs: Central Oklahoma Priorities: Criminal Justice Matters

Vital Signs Criminal Justice Matters


Vital Signs: Central Oklahoma Priorities: Mental Health and Substance Abuse

 Also available in Spanish and Vietnamese 


Mental Health and Well-being for Central Oklahoma Seniors
Household Preparedness Facts: Oklahoma
Obesity Facts: Oklahoma 
Successful Kids: Oklahoma
Community Preparedness



2016 Annual Report

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Financial data is also available upon request. Please contact:

Christopher Bell
Vice President Finance & Operations
cbell [at] unitedwayokc [dot] org

 Special Report: Community Preparedness  

Comm. Prep Report Cover Photo English | Spanish | Vietnamese | Marshallese

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Vital Signs

Vital Signs has been published for more than a decade, offering significant trend data related to the overall well-being of the citizens of central Oklahoma. Revised in 2009, Vital Signs is now published in issue-focused editions, which relate to United Way’s five focus areas: Successful Kids, Strong Families, Independent Living, Healthy Citizens, and Community Preparedness. We hope you will use the data to help create positive change. Links to current and previous Vital Signs, and other research articles are below.


Amanda Templeton 
Director of Research and Advocacy

atempleton [at] unitedwayokc [dot] org


United Way of Central Oklahoma Social Service Needs Assessment
Special Report: Community Preparedness
            Spanish | Vietnamese | Marshallese
Vital Signs 2014: Barriers to Independent Living

2014 Data Visualization Materials

United Way of Central Oklahoma Icon Sheet
United Way of Central Oklahoma, Moore Icon Sheet
United Way of Central Oklahoma: Successful Kids Infograph 


Vital Signs 2013: Barriers to Success for Healthy Citizens


Vital Signs 2012: Barriers for Children and Youth
Vital Signs 2012: Barriers to Success for Individuals and Families 
The 2012 Senior Summit Report 


Vital Signs 2011: Community Preparedness
Vital Signs 2011: Independent Living


Vital Signs 2010: Healthy Citizens
Vital Signs 2010: Special Edition - Human Trafficking
Vital Signs 2010: Strong Families
United Way of Central Oklahoma Household Survey 2010
Vital Signs 2009: Successful Kids


Vital Signs 2007 Report
Vital Signs 2005 Report
Vital Signs 2003 Report